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Music Production

We offer expertise and over 12 years experience in developing music for artists, broadcasters, event organisers and brands.  Our substantial network of high-end creative talent, including writers, producers, musicians and engineers gives us the ability to offer not only creme de-la-creme teams but deliverables of the highest calibre.

We are used to working to brief and can offer as part of our service (when appropriate), music research, which enables us to pre-test our music against its intended target market and remove the subjective nature of decision making.

Intellectual Property

Howling Wolf Productions' business also focuses on the development and creation of IP (Intellectual Properties) in the Entertainment business.  Our remit for the business is to where possible invest, own and control IP in the entertainment space.

Our belief is that there are major opportunities within entertainment for 'non-traditional' music industry/entertainment funding and/or Joint Ventures.  With our creative abilities and industry network we are perfectly placed to succeed in the building up of our catalogue of IP, working with external funding as well as in Joint Ventures with partners who can bring marketing, media and if necessary funding.