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Howling Wolf Productions is a business focused on the development of music & television concepts and productions.  We invest in this space ourselves as well as on behalf of third party clients and partners.  

Our area of growth continues to be in the development of IP (Intellectual Properties) in entertainment, maximising on ownership and control of IP. 

Howling Wolf Management is a business concentrating on offering (a select number of bands/artists), an Artist Management service.

The business primarily focuses on the strategic & marketing side of Artist Management, setting up launchpads & platforms for artists and taking them to market.

BrandNote is a sub-division of The Howling Wolf Group focused on 'bridging the gap' between brands, agencies and the music industry, offering consultancy services to both sectors. 

Expertise includes creating music & strategies for marketing & communication programmes and the development of alliances & partnerships between brands and the music industry.